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The Sustainability Journey by Samuele Tini

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Samuele Tini
B Corp Certification

Guiding businesses toward B Corp certification, promoting responsible business practices. From impact assessment to implementation, we work to make companies leaders in positive change.

Impact Management

Collaborating with sustainable and social enterprises to enhance their social, environmental and economic impact, offering strategic guidance and innovative solutions to strengthen their purpose and sustainable growth.


Facilitating the global expansion of businesses by providing tailored internationalization strategies. From entering new markets to managing international operations, we maximize growth potential and success on a global scale.


"I had the privilege of being a guest on Samuele's enlightening podcast, "The Sustainability Journey," This podcast is a testament to Samuele's dedication to fostering meaningful discussions around sustainability. Through his carefully curated interviews with experts from diverse backgrounds, Samuele offers invaluable insights and reflections into the multifaceted nature of sustainability. Whether it's academia, NGOs, businesses for social enterprises, Samuele ensures that every episode provides a comprehensive exploration of the topic, leaving listeners informed and empowered to take action.

I have also had Samuele provide guest lectures for graduate students on the nature and competitive advantage associated with Benefit Corporations. His ability to communicate complex concepts with clarity and enthusiasm makes him a truly effective educator. Under his guidance, my students and I gained a deeper understanding of the pivotal role Benefit Corporations play in driving sustainable business practices forward.

Samuele's passion for sustainability is infectious, and his commitment to education and advocacy is nothing short of inspiring. It's clear that he is not only knowledgeable but also deeply invested in making a tangible difference in the world."

Mumbi Maria Wachira
Faculty, Strathmore University Business School, Nairobi

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"I had a terrific experience being a guest on the "Sustainability Journey" podcast with Mr. Samuel Tini! It was my first time sharing my career portfolio in my voice, so I greatly appreciated Mr. Tini's excellent questions and professionalism as a podcaster. I highly recommend listening to all the incredible journeys of other global sustainability professionals!”

Dr. Venera N. Anderson
Global Strategy Advisor | Author, Sustainability & Climate. Member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council

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“I was fortunate enough to initially interacting with Samuele Tini when he successfully completed B Lab Africa’s B Leaders program. B Leaders are experienced sustainability professionals who have been trained by B Lab to guide companies through B Corp certification. In addition, Samuele has supported B Lab Africa’s mission of growing the B Corp movement in Africa through interviewing both the B Lab Africa team and B Corps in Africa in either his podcast or articles; and creating awareness of our work through his vast network.

Samuele is enthusiastic about shaping the next generation of purpose leaders and working with mission driven companies passionate about creating real impact. We (B Lab Africa) look forward to future collaborations.”

Name Lucy Muigai
CEO B Lab Africa

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“Samuele is a dedicated champion for sustainability and positive change. I've had the opportunity to work with him in several capacities. In each, his passion for engagement, storytelling and movement building is evident. Samuele serves with dedication as the Chair of Membership on the board of B Academics, a global network of educators, researchers, students and practitioners, working to transform high education for good using the B Corp Movement as inspiration. In his role working with me as a coach of the NC State B Corp Clinic, he is deeply committed to supporting students through an experiential learning opportunity that will develop the next generation of changemakers.

I've had the opportunity to participate in Samuele's podcast, The Sustainability Journey, where he shares inspiring stories of solutions to the greatest social and environmental challenges we face as a global community. Samuele is a dedicated and visionary leader in the movement of business as a force for good”.

Jessica Yinka Thomas
Co-founder and Executive Director, B Academics

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